4 Picture Books To Help Your Child Fall in Love with Books

“Reading to babies and young children is so important. It provides the building blocks for language. And it gives them the tools for forming lifelong social and emotional skills.”

– Sarah Klein, Pediatrician

In my last review of 2 amazing children’s books, I told you, ‘It is a widely known truth that books make scholars out of children, stimulate their imagination, and make their language skills highly developed.’ This is not limited to older children. 

Reading aloud to babies or toddlers introduces them to numbers, colours, letters early. It helps them learn about communication and builds their memory.

Here are four books to get you and your children started:

Like the Moon Loves the Sky by Hena Khan 

Illustrated by Saffa Khan

Ages 2-5 │40 Pages 

Publisher: Chronicle Books

The Moon Loves the Sky is a vibrant, lyrical, and refreshing children’s story told through the mother’s perspective. Each melodic line narrating the mother’s message of love and hope for the child is punctuated by the phrase ‘inshaAllah’:

‘Inshallah you have faith that won’t waver or bend.’ 

‘Inshallah you plant gardens filled with sweet fruits’

The story is mostly told using very colourful and beautiful illustrations that show the setting of the story, the characters, and also the development of the child from infancy and as she grows up doing all that her mother hoped for. 

The phrase ‘inshallah’ might not be appropriate since most of the sentences are prayers. Notwithstanding, Like the Moon Loves the Sky is a great bedtime read-aloud story, and the short, rhyming sentences can be used as affirmations for children. Older children or teenagers would also find them reassuring when they are anxious about something that would happen in the future.

Get the book here

We Found A Hat 

Written by Jon Klassen

Ages 4-8 │56 Pages 

Publisher: Candlewick Publishers

We Found A Hat is a simple and funny story about two turtles who find a hat that ‘looked good on them both’. They both wanted it, but taking it would mean one of them would not have a hat. They, however, finally manage to resolve this in an unexpected way. The story ends with a twist and a dash of mystery.

We Found A Hat is a story about sharing, longing, jealousy, sacrifice, and friendship, all delivered with an odd sense of humour and complemented by wonderful and unique illustrations.  Although this is the final book in Jon Klassen’s hat trilogy, it can be enjoyed alone. 

Get the book here


It’s Ramadan, Curious George 

Written by H.A. Rey & Hena Khan

Ages 2-5 │14 Pages 

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Books

In this beautifully illustrated board book, Curious George — a classic children’s book character — celebrates Ramadan with the family of his friend, Kareem. Kareem is fasting for the first time, and George helps keep his mind off food until it’s time to break his fast. Together they enjoy special treats and food when it’s time to eat. They make gift baskets for the needy and search for the crescent moon, which would signify the end of the fasting period.

It’s Ramadan, Curious George is perfect for introducing Ramadan to young children. It would give them creative ideas for reaping blessings during Ramadan. They would also find the illustrations interesting, and the rhyming words in the story would make reading them aloud a great experience for children. 

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Who Took My Banana

Written by Sally Huss

Ages 2-6 │46 Pages 

Publisher: Huss Publishing

This is a charming story about a ‘mummy orangutan’ in search of her banana in the jungle after it goes missing. It alternates between rhyming and storytelling as it shows the orangutan going from one animal to the other, asking if they have seen her banana. After a long journey around the jungle, she later finds the banana with the animal she should have checked with first!

Reading this book is an excellent way for children to learn about different types of animals and the type of food they eat. The illustrations are colourful, simple, and effective.

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