Ifara Book Club


Welcome to Ifara Book Club, a subsidiary of Ifara Books Publishing House, a space created for you to enjoy monthly children’s, young adult, teens and general family reads (i.e., fiction, non-fiction, poetry).

That’s not all. We also hold monthly book discussions where you can discuss selected books with other readers, share insights, explore diverse perspectives, and broaden your horizons on child care and development.

                                          Our aims:

  • To provide beneficial books that individuals and families can read and enjoy together.
  • Help children and young adults to develop a love for books and reading. 
  • To bring our book club members together to discuss interesting reads every month during our online live sessions.
  • Provide interesting monthly book recommendations and reviews to our members and the public. 

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To kickstart our official launch, we will be reading the following types of books for children, teens and young adults:

  •  Fiction: Novels and Short story collections.
  •  Non-fiction: Children’s, Teens, and YA.
  • Others: Memoir, Poetry, Essays etc.

We also have books on Parenting and Child Development for you as a parent/guardian.

You get to read Bestsellers, Classic Books, Latest Releases from different publishers around the world and brilliant Undiscovered Books.

We have so much more in store for you. 

Join our official book club launch, have access to updates, book recommendations, live events, and author interviews by signing up using our mailing list: Join Our Bookclub. 

We look forward to having you onboard. See you soon! 

To join our book club, please click the link below:


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