Creating a Writing Habit: Writing Tips and Tricks

Creating a Writing Habit

It’s fulfilling to be referred to as a writer. The most fabulous title, if you ask me. It’s exciting to know that tons of people will read your words and be influenced, right? I tell you, that excites me too! But let’s face the fact, you’re still battling with being consistent at writing. 

True, there are moments when you feel so charged that you could write five books and seven articles in two months. But a short while after, you put on a sweatshirt and stare out your window with a mug in your hand, knowing the writer in you has taken an unauthorised break. 

Not to worry though, we prepared this article to solve your problem. You can guarantee that if you’re consistent with trying these tips, you’ll have absolute control over the writer in you. Plus, you’d be able to write on days you don’t feel like it. 


1. Write: Calm down, calm down. I hear your questions. “What do you mean, write?” you ask.

My reply: Write on days you feel like it. When your head keeps bursting with ideas, don’t stop writing. Write down everything and anything, no matter how little you think it is. You never can tell, the words you thought weren’t necessary could become your biggest inspiration when words just refuse to come.

Now, the secret to creating a writing habit isn’t in just writing when you feel like it; it’s in writing, even when you do not feel like it.

So, how do you write when you do not feel like it? You do this by picking up your writing pad or laptop and writing about the most random things. It doesn’t have to make sense. Just write. 

Write about how your day went or about an event that happened during the day. Write about a meal you’d like to eat or a place you’d like to go to. Write anything, and do this at the same time, every day!

Now that’s how you create a writing habit! (You can imagine me wearing a bright smile now).

2. Read: Run! From any writer that doesn’t read. The trick to creating a writing habit is reading. And it’s not just reading–it’s reading a lot.

When the muse seems to be absent, pick a book that interests you, and read it. The book doesn’t have to be about the topic you want to write about, and it just has to be any book that keeps you flipping its pages. Remember, you can find inspiration in anything and everything.

3.Watch Movies: Not many know this, but watching movies is a great way to improve your writing. As you enjoy your movie, study the pattern in which the movie was written. Study and question everything and anything you see. From the characters, to the dressing, to the anything you can think of. Do this, and watch how you’d hardly run out of things to write about.

4. Create a Writing Space: Dear writer, if you’re yet to fix yourself a writing territory, you’ve been missing out! Yes, I know that not many of us can afford a table and a chair or a room specifically for writing, so I wouldn’t lie to you by telling you that’s only what a writing space looks like. 

Your writing space could be a corner, a chair in the sitting room, or your bed, though we don’t advise that you make your bed a mini-office.  

Creating a writing space is helpful if you want to make writing a habit, as it puts you in your writing mode

It’d be fun to keep writing about Creating a Writing Habit, but I’m sad to announce that we’ve come to the end of this article. I had fun writing, and I hope you enjoyed reading it. Please leave a comment and hit share right after. And feel very free to check out our other articles about writing and reading. 

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