Five Effective Ways to Nurture Your Child’s Reading Habits

Reading is unarguably one of the most fundamental skills every child should have. So it is pretty impressive that despite the advancement of technology and the internet, some parents are still interested in developing good reading habits for their children. 

Reading Habits will nourish your child academically, increase their thirst for knowledge, sharpen their vocabulary, increase their attention span, enhance their literacy skills, assist in tackling life issues, and broaden their mindset.

Here are five practical ways through which you can nurture your child’s reading habits:

  • First, encourage reading as a daily routine: 

One of the effective ways to nurture your child’s reading habit is to make them read every day. For example, you could pick a perfect time in the morning for them to read and do not forget to read them to sleep at night. Your child will get used to the routine and begin to look forward to the reading time. Once you do this frequently, your child will master the timing and remind you instead.

  • Reading in the presence of your child: 
  • Reading in front of your child will arouse their curiosity and make them gradually interested in reading. Children are often drawn by what they see around them; they are very observant and imitate. What you are doing may be far from what they know, but they’ll follow suit. So don’t be surprised when you see your child one fine day, holding a book and glancing through the texts the exact way you do.
  • Create a reading space:

It doesn’t have to be a separate room with massive bookshelves. You just need to pick a comfortable area in your home. This could be a corner in your sitting room with books neatly arranged or piled on a clean table with a chair, in case your child would prefer to sit at that corner to read. You can also opt for a comfy area in your child’s room, construct a tiny beautiful bookshelf with a colourful table and chair beside it. This will help make reading very easy and exciting.

  • Allow your child to pick a book of their choice:

Sometimes, you need to take a break from picking books for your child all the time. You need to spice it up by letting your child decide what to read. Yes, the books you prefer may be pretty exciting and enlightening, in your opinion, but your child may not feel the same way. Allowing your child to pick their books creates room for exploration. This will also enable you to find out the genre, categories or kind of books that tickle their fancy. If you are worried that they may pick a book above their age or understanding, give them suggested books they should choose from.

  • Try to Dramatize Exciting Stories:

As hilarious as this may sound, it is one of the best ways to strengthen your child’s reading habits. Children look up to activities that are fun-filled and promising. This is also a great way to educate them. For example, you can pick a book that talks about the rules of Traffic Lights. Then, read the story aloud in a funny way and try to characterise or act out what is written in the book. This way, it helps your child relate the story to reality. You could also go for a walk with your child on a casual day and show them real-life examples of books you’ve both read.

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