Five Reasons You Should Set Up A Library for Your Children

If you’re reading this to finally be convinced on why your children need a library at home, then you already understand the importance of books. So, here are five important reasons to help finalise your decision:

1. It Helps them Understand the Importance of Books: Before you begin, know that your children’s library doesn’t have to be an entire room. It could be a small shelf by the corner, or a box where they can store books, whatever you can afford. 

Setting up a library for your kids helps them understand that books are unique. Your carving out some part of the house for books and writing materials further communicates to them the importance of books in the world.

2. It Encourages them to Read More: Having access to books at home will help your children read more. It will also help them realize that reading goes beyond the school walls.  With your support, they can have access to various types of books, which will help them become intelligent and innovative as they grow. 

3. It Makes Learning Fun: Let’s be honest, learning doesn’t always have to be work, for playing is also learning. 

Allow your kids play with books sometimes. It doesn’t always have to be about spelling and reading; they can just look at the words and pictures. Without them realising, their brains will connect these words and form ideas. Which will help improve their knowledge, vocabulary and language use.

Furthermore, do not forget to inform them it’s not cool to tear or mishandle the pages of a book.

4. It will Increase their Love for Books: I don’t know about you, but at Ifara, we love books a lot. The sight of books brings us joy. So, help your children experience love too by creating a library for them.

5. It Improves their Literary Skills and Performance in Various Subjects: Setting up a library for your children will help them develop a healthy reading habit and give them background knowledge of different topics and ways to handle real-life situations. 

What are you waiting for? Go set up a library for your kids and have fun reading!


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