Five Ways to Support Your Child’s Creative Writing Dream 

Dear parent,

did you notice that while other kids watch TV and play video games, your child spends time with a book; while others play football outside, your child remains indoors with a book and pen; and while others spend their money on biscuits and chocolates, yours buys books instead? 

Don’t fret, there’s no one out to get your child. In fact, your child is the one chasing something, creating something great. And it’s your responsibility to support them.

Here are five ways on how to do that:

  • Ask questions: Nothing impresses a child more than a curious parent. Whether or not they try to get your attention, once you notice something different, ask your child: ‘What’s up? Is that your homework? you’ve been on it for days now.’ They may or may not say anything out of shyness or fear of rejection. But that’s okay. Just keep paying attention and asking questions. Now that your child knows you’re aware of what they’re doing, they’ll surely open up.
  • Listen to their ideas: Once your child starts talking, you may get confused or even overwhelmed by the enormity of their thoughts. You may even wonder, ‘why bother creating a new world that will never be real?’ But don’t ever say this aloud, please. Just be patient, be curious, and most importantly, trust that your child is special and is capable of great things.
  • Read their stories: Ignore the spelling errors, the mismatched grammar, the lack of punctuation, and whatever may be wrong with their work. Just focus on their writing, their potential. Even better, you can do your research to see what works and what doesn’t in a story/poem.
  • Don’t scold too much: Once you’ve decided to coach your child on creative writing, try not to scold them too much. Of course, their work will be imperfect. Make sure to praise the good sides of their work and correct the bad sides. All in all, be honest and warm in your approach. This will help your child’s skills and also, build a stronger bond of trust between the two of you.
  • Buy them more books! The more they write, the more you buy the books, and the more you buy your child books, the more they read and write better. So please, have at it, show your kid lots of love, support their dream, and watch them soar beyond your wildest dreams. Good luck.

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