How to Read a Book in a Week: A Step by Step Guide for Busy People

Are you a bookaholic that used to devour up to ten books in a month? But now–due to life’s interference, you barely have time to read even one book? 

Worry no more, for here is a step-by-step guide on how you can get back in the game with just one book a week: 

Have a Long TBR (to-be-read) List:

A long TBR list may be as intimidating as well as comforting because it can encourage you to pick a book as soon as possible, even if it’s just to lessen the stack of reads waiting for you. 

Start with Books that Interest You: 

Interesting books make you want to read, no matter the time or place. They also encourage you to keep reading to find more adventures and fictional worlds to conquer.

Make Sure they’re Accessible.

 Whether as a paperback in your bag, a soft copy in your phone (or other devices), or as an audiobook in your playlist, make sure your book is always within reach. 

Always have Your Book with You.

 What’s the use of following the above steps if you can’t take them anywhere? As far as all readers are concerned, books are better companions than pets, headphones, and even people. So what would you rather be doing while on transit, during lunch, or while relaxing? 

Read before Bed

 Since you’re a busy person, you’d need to make sure your reading time doesn’t clash with your bedtime. And if that happens, blame yourself, not the book.

Engage with Readers (Online and Offline)

Just as a bird is to nest, a book lover is to a book club because you cannot thrive in the reading world without one or two book hubs. Book Clubs are created to keep the love for reading running endlessly through book discussions,  book recommendations, and updates on the latest releases. All in all, a book club is a haven where you can laugh and cry freely without being judged or looked at funny.

Be Consistent

Whether you read for as little as an hour or as much as three hours a day,  make sure you have a consistent schedule that will allow you to attend to your daily activities before feeding your mind as much as you can later. 

Reading will always be a priority as a bookaholic, no matter how much life may get in your way.  So it’s up to you to create an easy and flexible method. Your mind and soul will thank you.

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