Reading Books: A Brief Guide on What to Read, Why You Should Read and How to Read.


Reading Books: A Brief Guide on What to Read, Why you Should Read, and How to Read.

Books are our friends: there to comfort us when there’s no one else, shed more light on our unfamiliar feelings, and remind us that we’re not alone. Books teach us lessons about life, the best responses to specific situations, and so much more. Despite all these, we find that selecting the right book could be quite a task sometimes.

If you’ve ever wondered what book to read, why you should read, or how you should read, glad tidings, for you are certainly in the right place. And If you’ve never asked these questions, this article is for you too. Trust you’d find it helpful. Now, let’s dive in! 

On What to Read:

There are millions, if not billions, of books to choose from. And as readers, it’s natural not to know what to read sometimes.

Thus, when deciding what to read, you must consider who you want to be or who that book could help you become. There’s so much content, so you must be intentional about what you want to digest. If you’re going to be a biochemist, you’ll read books about biochemistry, right?  

So, your focus in picking a book should always be on who that book can help you become. Even if it’s a novel, check out what the story is about and then decide if it fits into the kind of content you want to feed your mind. You can also pick books on what interests you the most. It could be Nature, Business, Photography, Foreign cultures, etc.

Why You Should Read:

Reading is essential: It opens your mind and helps you connect with people on a whole different level; It enables you to understand people’s thought process and emotions; Reading keeps you informed; It enhances your intelligence and eloquence.

How to Read:

Let’s be honest; if you’ve read to this point, it means you already know how to read. So I’m not going to tell you how letters form words. Instead, I’d show you how to read in a better and enjoyable way.

 To read, you should avoid distractions. If you can, seek out a quiet place. It could be in your room, in a library, a garden, and any other place you can focus and enjoy your reading to the maximum. 

Another important tip is to create a reading timetable. Yes, a routine to make reading consistent.  Books should be our constant companion, so feel free to carry them everywhere you go–on your phone. That’s a sure way to read constantly. 

Did you find this helpful? Do you have questions? We’re right in the comments waiting to read from you. And please don’t forget to hit share. Happy reading! 

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