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As writers, we get many tips on writing well-from writing bestsellers to how to sell them. But one piece of information we don’t get often is how to market ourselves. Maybe it’s because we sometimes forget that bookselling is also a business. And we believe that our book—as long as it’s well written and received by close readers, will sell itself. 

If you’re wondering why you need to put yourself alongside your book, remember, Your book cannot sell itself without you. And just as a buyer is required to be available to sell his product, so should a writer. 

Selling yourself along with your book is vital to your growth as an author, especially if you’re just starting. You’d need to be available for your readers: to communicate, connect, and most importantly, grow your base. Your book cannot sell itself without you. 

1. Find Your Niche, Know Your Audience, and Write Your Best Book

 To sell a book, you have to write a good one. It is not just one that has been sitting in your head for years but can also draw readers into your world (and keep them there). Before you write that good book, don’t forget that not every story idea is a good idea; thus, screen your thoughts, turn and churn them in your head, then ask yourself if your idea is interesting enough to get a reader’s attention. Know your audience, research books with similar themes like yours. Get to know the authors on the same path as yours—research, research, research. Then sit down and write, write, write. 

2. Establish Yourself

 In recent times, upcoming writers don’t have to seek publishers and literary agents as online publishing platforms can put their work and build a fanbase. There are spaces made available to reach out to your readers and encourage them to like, vote or comment, and leave a review on your story. These tools vary with each platform, but they are at your disposal to get in touch with your readers. 

3. Have a Social Media Account (s)

Here is an excellent way for you to sell yourself using your book. You can draw interested readers with social media by introducing yourself and your work with a blurb or excerpt and link (s) to your piece (s). But this has to be continuously done to strengthen and grow your fan base.

3. To Build Street Cred, Join an Online Writing group

 Another way to create visibility is to join writing platforms, especially those sharing helpful content and organising contests and classes to help you improve. You can also showcase your skills by participating in small games and prompts. Make sure to give it your best to get noticed and eventually make new fans of other writers.

4. Create a Blog/Author’s website

 Let your readers into your world by creating an Author’s website to connect with them through sharing writing experiences and writing tips. You can also entertain them with short stories, flash fiction and poems. Through this channel, you’d be creating steady visibility that will take you a long way in your career.

5. Get Reviews

 Most online platforms have an avenue for writers to drop their works for review. Don’t be left behind. Share your works to get reviews to enable you to identify your writing strengths and weaknesses.

6. Try New Things

 You may not yet be a published author now, but as long you’re on the path, you’ll get there someday. Still, that shouldn’t stop you from exploring the publishing world: learn the secrets of amazon, attend online/offline book launches, get acquainted with Goodreads, etc. 

Like most writers, you may be an introvert, but you’d have to step out if you wish to make a career using your pen. There’s no rush, though. You can start by creating an online presence for yourself on writing platforms. But once your book is set to go into the market, be ready to follow it. Good luck.

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