Seven Ways to Motivate your Children to Read

An easy way to help your children learn new things is to make them read books. But there’s more: Books teach them about emotions, help them understand what it’s like to be in certain situations and show them how to respond accordingly. In books, your kids will find information, facts, life hacks, new interests..the list goes on. And of course, reading is also an excellent way to have fun.

You know these already, but making your children understand can be quite a task. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. So grab your pen and paper, you’re about to learn how to make your children love reading.

Below are 7 ways to motivate your children to read:

1. READ: Yes, parents, read. No offence, but children are copycats. They like to do what they see people around them doing.  Hence, it’s easy for kids to cultivate reading habits if they see you read often. So yes, the first step is to be what you preach.

2. TELL YOUR KIDS STORIES: Telling your children stories will stimulate their curiosity and improve their imagination. Storytelling brings language to life and makes it easy for them to understand what they read. No doubt, it is also an excellent way for you to bond with them.

3. READ TO THEM: Reading to your children doesn’t just develop your relationship with them. It also improves their IQ, grammar, and vocabulary. Most importantly, it increases the chances of them picking up a book on their own.

4. BUY THEM BOOKS: We believe that a sense of ownership would increase their interest in reading. Owning a book could increase their desire to spend time with it. So, when buying your children books, ensure that the books have exciting titles and colourful drawings to prevent them from easily getting bored.

5. PICK BOOKS FOR THEIR AGE RANGE: Making a seven-year-old read a novel might be a little too much, but selecting books within their age range sounds more appropriate. You ask, ‘how then do I choose the right book for my kids?’ We say, listen to them read out loud. If they do not struggle to pronounce most of the words, and can retell the story to you, then you’re on track. An easier way is to ask the bookshop owner  to recommend books for their age.

6. VISIT A BOOKSTORE WITH THEM: Go with your children to a bookstore and let them choose whatever book they want. This is essential because it saves you from buying them what you like or what you think they’d like; instead, you’d be buying what they want.

7. LET THEM JOIN BOOK CLUBS: Being with a group of people who are also interested in reading is an excellent way to sustain their interest in books. So sign your kids up to join book clubs to keep the fire burning.

Did you find this helpful? Are there tips you’ve tried with your kids that motivated them to read? Is there a question on reading and writing you’d like us to answer for you? Let us know in the comments section, and have fun trying out these tips. ­

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