Why are Readers Leaders? 

Readers are Leaders: this is a phrase we hear a lot, especially from our parents and teachers. But growing up as an avid reader, I’ve realised that this isn’t just a mere saying; it’s the truth. Readers are Leaders.

 So, why are readers leaders? Even though not everybody reads to become a leader. What treasures lie in the simple act of reading?

 Readers are Leaders because:

  • They Have Access to New Information and Knowledge:

Readers are aware that there is no better source of information and knowledge than books. They also understand how much reading contributes to self and professional development. Furthermore, this is a required attribute in a leader as people expect a leader to be well-versed and learned in various fields.

  • They Have a More Expansive Vocabulary.

Readers are exposed to a broader vocabulary through reading, enabling more explicit speech and granting them access to vocabulary varieties to make their grammar richer. Having a more expansive language helps Leaders stand out in the crowd and enhances their communication skills.

  • They are More Open-minded.

Reading enables readers to be accomodating of differing lifestyles, beliefs, opinions and perspectives, whether or not they support the notion. Leaders also use this skill to be show equality between followers, regardless of race, tribe or religion.

  • They are Quick Thinkers and Problem Solvers.

People who read can think fast due to their exposure to the arrays of realities in the fictional world. Leaders use this attribute to solve problems in their given organisation.

  • Readers are More Relaxed. 

Due to the therapeutic nature of books, readers find themselves more relaxed and calm while reading. Reading provides a haven to let go, enjoy,y and derive peace of min, whether fiction or nonfiction.

The act of reading may be in decline nowadays, but its benefits are still as abundant as ever. In his article, four reasons why Good Leaders are Readers, Jeremy Kingsley states: A study performed in US News & World Reports included 1,200 of the world’s wealthiest people. It showed that one commonality was the fact that they read. They didn’t just read for fun. Instead, they all valued reading for knowledge. For example, Marknonfiction American Billionaire and Entrepreneur) reads for almost three hours a day. Why? Because he understands that reading provides an experience that is accessible to anyone. Warren Buffett (one of the richest men in the world) is known for his reading habit. He reads between 600 – 1,000 pages each day. Buffett also estimates that he spends around 80% of his time reading.”

 Bill Gates reads fifty books a year, while Elon Musk (a six-time richest man in the world) admits that he learnt how to build a rocket through reading.

So if you believe that reading is boring, or is for boring people alone. Well, you better have a rethink, grab a book and join the leading team. Happy reading! 

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