Why Reading to Children is More Important than Ever  

For centuries, parents have been into the act of reading to their children, not only to spend time with them but also to teach them new things and broaden their horizons. Unfortunately, however, what used to be a family tradition is now a chore for some parents in recent times. Or even a foreign act to others. This may be due to video games and the internet, making reading seem ordinary or even dull.

 Nevertheless, reading to children is still as vital as it was before. A study published in 2019 that involves MRI images of children’s brains shows that taking away screens and reading to kids younger than 5 boosts brain development. The MRI images indicate an increase in the organised white matter involved in developing language and the ability to learn. Indeed, the internet and computer may be advanced ways of learning, but they cannot give children what reading can.

Below are other vital reasons why reading to children is more important than ever:

  1. Reading to babies (especially picture books) enables them to learn early the basics of reading a book: words represent sounds and concepts, terms are read from left to right, and stories continue when you flip the page.
  2. Reading calms and soothes babies’ nerves, especially when they are restless.
  3. A young child can learn about colours, shapes, numbers, and letters, while an older child discovers an expanding chain of knowledge.  His interest in cars, for example, will expand to his interest in trucks and other transportation like planes and rockets, and soon he will be reading about outer space, science and technology, and so forth.
  4. Reading to children (from ages 4-8)  helps increase their ability to digest information.
  5. It helps improve their primary language and communication, especially with older individuals.
  6. Books increase children’s attention span, enabling them to concentrate fully on a given task.
  7. Through books,  children develop the ability to think quickly and smartly.
  8. Reading also ignites their curiosity and creativity.
  9. Books with moral lessons teach children about the reward of goodness, likewise the consequences for being wrong.
  10. With reading, parents can bond and relax with their children after a hectic day.
  11. Parents can show their children the different realities in life through reading, making them empathetic towards unfamiliar plights.
  12. Reading to children opens their minds and heart to the endless possibilities in life.
  13. Parents can teach their children the importance of reading to achieve academic success.
  14. Reading to children is just as essential as feeding them, for reading is food for the heart, soul and mind.
  15. By reading to children from a young age, parents have planted a precious seed that will help grow their hearts and minds and generations to come.

If parents desire profitable growth and development for their children, reading to them is the only method to achieve this and so much more.

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